contact  me for details of availability, content and condition, most items are single copies. 


AKIMOTO (Ed) Nihonto Taikan  Shinto-hen volume 1, 1966, 10"x14.5" slip  case, 75pp of  text plus 317pp  illustrating 158 shinto blades by b&w plates, to, Osaka, Mito, Sendai etc. Lacks slip case.   GBP350

HARADA. English  Catalogue  of  Treasures in  the Imperial  Repository  Shosoin, 1932. 7"x10", 192pp  plus  80  b&w  plates  illustrating  the various treasures such as lacquer, textiles & gaming boards, only a few weapons are shown. The English text is comprehensive. GBP25

IKEDA. Jidai  Mitokoro-shu (Early Three Piece Sets of  Fittings). 12"x9" deluxe  binding  with cloth covered box.163pp of which 149 are coloured plates illustrating 99 sets of  kogai, kozuka & menuki; almost all made by Goto artists and  dated to the late Muromachi & Momoyama periods. These sets however are made up of  pieces by  different  artists and  grouped according  to design so that  differing techniques can be seen.About half   the sets are shown greatly enlarged (kozuka to 7.5").  Separate English index to the plates.GBP140

INAMI. Tsuba, 1969. 6"x8.5", Tsuba from the collection of Dr.W.Fahrenhorst, 170pp almost all plates of tsuba, mostly kinko and some in colour. There is a split in the centre of the book. Scarce as it was not reprinted.GBP45

INAMI. Token Mokuroku 1971  7"x10" paper covers, b&w plates of 36 blades.GBP8

Kaga  Kinko Taikan  NBTHK 1983, 10.5"x14.75" lacks slip  case, 81pp of text  illustrated  with  pages  from design books plus 101 colour plates of superb tsuba, kozuka, fuchi-kashira, koshirae  and  some  abumi  &  Meiji  period  vases  all  produced  in  Kaga  Province, many are Maeda family treasures.          GBP350

KAJIMA.  Osafune Choshi  (History of  Osafune). 8.5"x12", 2 volumes  in a slip case.Vol.1: 366pp of which  329pp are photographic  illustrations  of  129 Bizen  blades, each plate usually with several  other oshigata  of the same smith's work for comparison. Vol. 2: 363pp  illustrates 144  oshigata of  nakago plus genealogical tables taken from  Edo period reference books and other text information.   GBP250

KASAHARA & AKIMOTO Kyo-Goto no Kenkyu  (Studies in  Kyo-Goto). 7.5"x  10.5"  slip case. 334pp  nearly all plates (8 in colour). This book covers  the 15 branch families (Waki-Goto) only of  the Goto school . There is an 18pp history of the families in English with bio-graphical details of  the artists. The illustrations show 194 kozuka & kogai, 36  tsuba, 32 fuchi-kashira and 17 sets of  menuki. Each is shown front and back and the signatures are enlarged.There are full captions to the plates in English. Stained slip case.           GBP100      

KASHIMABushi no Bi 1988 Exhibition catalogue, 8.25"x11.75" paper covers, 95pp including 26pp of plates illustrating 16 swords & 30 tsuba plus 34pp colour plates showing fine Goto and other fittings, some pieces have been in other books.  GBP35

KOKUBO. Kinko Tsuba, 1969 first edition, 6"x8.5", 243pp of which 211pp are plates illustrating fine kinko tsuba.GB50

Kotoki no Meito Kara Osaka Shinto Made  1983. 9"x11.75" soft covers, 76pp of which 59pp are full page plates illustrating 57 sword blades and 1 yari, the blades are mostly shinto. This is an Osaka City Museum Exhibition Catalogue.    GBP35

Meibutsu Nihonto-ten 1968 Exhibition catalogue,8.25"x11.75" paper covers,122pp with 64pp of plates illustrating fine blades.GBP25

Meito-chu no Meito-ten 1972 Exhibition catalogue,7.25"x10" paper covers, 117pp showing 51 plates of fine blades,slight wear.GBP25

MIYAMOTO. Tsuba Raisan (Adoration of Tsuba) 1994. 6"x8.25" paper covers, 78pp illustrating 50 good tsuba, mostly iron.   GBP20

Mogusa to-ten, 7"x10" soft covers 1993, 85pp covering the early Mogusa smiths of northwest Japan with b&w plates of 15 blades, oshigata of 27 blades plus 3 armours. GBP30

NAKAMURA. Tsuba Shusei.1963, 10"x14.5" slip case, 520pp almost all plates illustrating over 2300 tsuba, mostly iron, about 15% are kinko. The book covers all the major iron schools but many of the attribution are very strange. Very much a mixed bag with superb examples next to quite ordinary ones but invaluable for identifying the various schools.    GBP500

Nihon no Bijutsu #64 Tosogu. 1971, 7.25"x9" paper covers,104pp, illustrations of swordfittings on nearly every page, the first 12pp in colour.GBP30

Nihonto Meito-ten 1967 Exhibition catalogue, 12"x8.5" paper covers,110pp including 69pp illustrating swords, slight wear.GBP25

Nihonto no Rekishi-ten 1970 Exhibition catalogue,7"x10" paper covers,46pp mostly illustrations of blades.GBP15

ONO. Gendai Toko Kinko Shokukata Soran 1977. 6"x8.5" flexible covers, 247pp with 51pp b&w plates illustrating 79 modern swords (not wartime). The book list modern swordsmiths (including wartime sniths that were still working in 1977) and metalworkers.    GBP60

SATO. Edo Shinto Meisakushu NBTHK 1969. 9"X12" slip case, 53pp text and 165pp of plates illustrating 165 oshigata of  Edo shinto blades. GBP100

SHIBATA. Shumi no Nihonto. 2002, 7.25"x10" paper covers, 361pp plus 16pp colour plates of  tsuba. A general work on  swords and the sword world with 102pp of oshigata of tangs with hamon plus other illustrations of hamon, polishing, tameshigiri etc.GBP35

SHIBATA. Ju-ken 1967, 7.5"x10.5" slip case.130pp all oshigata of koto blades & tangs, with a 4pp list of the smiths in English.GBP60

SHIBATA. Tsuba Nyumon 1968.5.5"x7.5", 142 tsuba illustrated by plates, worn copy.GBP25

SHIBATA. Tsuba Nyumon 1967 signed copy.GBP30

SHIBATA. Nihonto Nyumon 1962 5.5"x7.5". General book on swords with oshigata.GBP30

SHIBATA. Aigan Meihinshu 1961. 7.5"x10.25" slip case. 86pp of  which  46pp are  plates  illustrating 43  tsuba plus  many  kogai and other small fittings, some artists names have been inked in.GBP50

SHIMADA. Goto-ke Jushichi-dai (17 Generations of the Goto Family) 1973. 8.5"x122 slip case, 235pp text with many drawings, photographs, tables etc plus 190pp of plates (39 in colour) showing mainly kogai, kozuka & menuki by the 17 main line Goto masters. The branch families are not covered. This is  as the Sano Museum catalogue of the same title.   GBP200

Tetsu No Geijutsu  Kinsei No Meito Atsuta Shrine 1978. 7"x10" soft covers, 80pp with  b&w plates of 33 shinto blades  oshigata of 20 blades.  GBP22
WAKAYAMA. Toso Kinko Kantei Hikkei 1989, 5.5"x7.5" slip  case, 288pp. A general book on fittings showing 107 tsuba and many small fittings. GBP30

Watanabe Seiichiro-shi Kizo Token Zuroku 1992 Tokyo National Museum Catalogue,8.25"x11.75" paper covers,40pp including 30pp plates illustrating 13 blades by photo and oshigata all Juyo Bunkazai or Kokuho presented to the museum.GBP25


BOYLE.  Catalogue  Tsuba and  Kozuka, Collection of R.C. & H.C. Boyle. undated  but post 1916, 12"x10" hard covers with gilt titles, 107pp of typescript with penned additions describing 271 items plus 8 tipped in  plates illustrating 48  tsuba. The size and layout of  the text is similar to that of the Naunton & Hawkshaw catalogues and clearly suggests that  this  unique volume was intended for publication at some stage.GBP400

CHRISTIE'S  Arts of the Samurai - Christie's New  York  sale  catalogue 23.10.09, 8.5"x10.5", 66pp  stiff  pape  r covers, illustrates  in colour 70 lots of swords, fittings armour plus 17 lots associated items, with a list of prices realized. GBP12

CHURCH. Japanese Sword Guards - Some Tsuba in the Collection of  Sir Arthur H Church.  1914 First Edition. 10.25"x13", green cloth with bevelled edges,  #48 of 100 copies printed. 80pp plus 40 plates with tissue interleaving  illustrating 272  tsuba by collotype plates. This edition is seldom    on the market.       GBP750

Collection Francois Poncetton  Gardes de Sabres, the Hotel Druot sale catalogue of 9th June 1929.  10"x11.75" plain paper covers (not original), 74pp plus 24 plates illustrating 124 tsuba, 15 kozuka, 4 helmet bowls and other metalwork.GBP80

Flowers of the Chisel - Malcolm Fairley 1997 selling catalogue, 8.25"x11.5" paper covers, 64pp illustrating in colour 36 pieces of fine metalwork of the Meiji/Taisho periods, mostly boxes, vases and okimono. Some items are by makers of sword fittings.GBP15

FULLER & GREGORY. Japanese Military & Civil  Swords and  Dirks, 7.75"x10", with  340  photographic  plates and  75 drawn  illustrations on  288pp. Comprehensive  coverage  of  military  and civil  (meaning Police,Diplomatic etc.)  sword  mountings  from 1871-1945. Much  information on  the various  types and  variations, and  on  arsenal  stamps, sword  belts etc, also  covers  swords worn  in  Formosa, Manchuria, Korea and elsewhwere. There is very little on blades.   GBP225 

GEMMELL. Tosogu Treasure of the Samurai 1991. 8.5"x12". selling catalogue, 151pp illustrating mostly in colour 61 tsuba,11 kozuka, 6 futokoromono and other fittings, the pieces are shown larger than life, many showing both sides.    GBP50

GEMMELL. Masterpieces From The R.B.Caldwell Collection 1994. 8.5"x12", selling catalogue illustrates 142 high quality  pieces in colour on 90 full page plates.   GBP60

GUNSAULUS. Japanese Sword Mounts  in the Collection of  the Field  Museum 1923, first edition in half  morocco, 7"x 9.75", 195pp plus  61pp of  plates  illustrating 138  tsuba (some showing both  sides), and  some small  fittings, covers all the major schools. Spine faded.GBP100  
Halberstadt Coll. Jap. Svaerdprydelser. 1953. 6.75"x9.25" paper covers, 37 tsuba shown.GBP10

HANCOCK, Birmingham Museum Catalogue of Tsuba  in  the Permanent  Collection, undated but probably 1934, 4.75”x7.5”, card covers, with a dated inscription by the author168pp plus 32 plates showing 58 tsuba from the collection. Fairly good condition.GBP25

HARA. Die Meister  der Japanischen  Schwertszeiraten 8”x11” card  covers 1931/2, volume 1: 262pp  listing around  2600 makers  of Japanese  sword fittings  plus 4pp of  genealogies  and 12pp table of  kanji and  their various  readings. Volume 2: 80pp  illustrating  93 tsuba and 118 small  fittings. This set covers  many of  the artists whose work we find today. In almost mint condition.    GBP160

HARRIS & OGASAWARA. Swords of the Samurai, 1990, 8.5"x11.25" paper covers, 175pp  illustrating 30  blades, mountings, armours, tsuba and small fittings, some in colour. Very informative text.GBP40

HUISH. Japanese Kozuka and Kogai  an Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Hawkshaw Collection, The Fine Art Society 1911. 5.5"x8.5" hard covers, 139pp plus 12 b&w plates with interleaving) illustrating 118 kozuka. This is the sale catalogue for this section of the Hawkshaw collection, the prices are lightly inked in.Sold together with a small paper bound unillustrated abridged catalogue.GBP100

Another copy, there are inked notations on each plate and on the front flyleaf. Rare.GBP80

INAMI. Nipponto The Japanese Sword 1972 reprint, 7.25"x10.5", 222pp, classic book on blades and mountings, many (somewhat dark) illustrations .One of the earliest books in English on nipponto and full of information.GBP75

JAPANESE SWORD SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. The Japanese Sword and its Fittings, 8.5"x11" paper covers, 48pp. Catalogue of the exhibition  held  in 1966  at  the Cooper  Union  Museum, shows  9pp  of  swords and 32pp of  tsuba & fittings.GBP20

JOLY, Henri and TOMITA, Kumasaku. Japanese Art & Handicraft (The Red Cross catalogue). An Illustrated Record of the Loan Exhibition  Held  in Aid of  the British  Red Cross  in October-November, 1915. London, Yamanaka   & Co.,1916 First Edition, #120 of 175 copies  printed. Heavy folio 12.5"x 9.75", 2 parts bound in one, half morocco gilt with reinforced hinges, 214pp with  8 color plates, 162 b&w plates, all with with lettered  tissue interleaving. Illustrates 410 tsuba, 223  kozuka & 110 fuchi-kashira. There are also 62  extra  plates showing  many prints, paintings, inro and lacquer. Limited edition  of 175 copies. This copy is in superb condition, even damaged copies sell for GBP1500-1600.   GBP1000

JOLY. H.L. Note sur le Fer et le Style Namban, Société Franco-Japonaise de Paris, 1914, 7”x10.5” paper covers,3pp text plus 3 plates (1 loose).GBP15

JOLY.H.L. Note sur le Manuscrit ‘Toban  Shinpin Zukan’, Société Franco-Japonaise de Paris, 1912, 7”x10.5” paper  covers, 13pp  plus 2  plates  shows  drawings  of 24  tsuba. See below for a complete copy of the manuscript.GBP35

JOLY.  Inscriptions  on  Japanese  Sword  Fittings, 6.5”x10”,  c.1917, paper  covers, 32pp  plus 7  plates  illustrating 34 tsuba  and  26  kozuka.  Explains briefly  how to  read signatures, the main  text is to  help  in  understanding  the kanji, poems and  other characters  that  appears in the decoration of  the fittings. Reprinted  from the Transactions of  the Japan Society.GBP35 

JOLY. Japanese Sword  Mounts In The J.C. Hawkshaw Collection, 1910, 10.25"x12.75", 26pp plus 50 full  page plates  with numbered tissue interleaving. nicely  rebound in  the style of the original  binding,  no.152 of 300 copies printed. Covers all  the major schools, like the Naunton  catalogue but this has never been  reprinted.GBP650
JOLY. Seymour Trower Catalogue of Japanese Art 1975. 9.75"x12.5" slip case  (slight damage), 128pp plus 34 plates  with  interleavings  illustrates 71 tsuba, 63 kozuka, 76 fuchikashira, some swords and much lacquer plus other metalwork.GBP70

JOLY. Shosankenshu  Joly's List of Names & Kakihan. 1985, 7.5"x10", 262pp with alternate pages blank for additions by the reader, the book lists around 2950 sword fittings makers and their kakihan or seal.GBP35

Miniatyrhantverkets Mastare 1980.5.75"x8.25"paper covers,Stockholm Exhibition Catalogue,38 tsuba and some small fittings illustrated.Swedish language.GBP15

OGASAWARA (Nobuo) Nippon Tosogu Shusei, Sword Guards and Fittings from Japan, The Collection of the Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Kodansha, 1983, 2 vols., cloth, in a deluxe cloth covered box, 12"x16.5". Vol.1: 269 pp. with colour plates on 12pp. and halftone plates on 194 pp. illustrates 704  tsuba and 2 kozuka. Vol.2: 303pp. with colour plates on  46pp. and  halftone  plates on 203 pp. Illustrates  839 tsuba  & small  fitt-ings. Detailed  explanation, summary, caption for every plate, list of plates in English. Limited to 1200 copies. Out of print. Complete set with 2 vols. SOLD

OKABE. Japanese Sword Guards, 1908, 6.75”x9.5", decorated  cloth  covers, 138pp  text  covering  the  history of  sword  fittings giving details of  the various  schools and lists 500 fittings  in  the collection  of  the Museum of  Fine Arts Boston, plus 35pp  of plates illustrating 69 tsuba, most of these are not shown in the large Boston catalogue by Ogawa.GBP80

Ozdoby Japonskych Mecu  Prague undated, 8"x7.75" paper covers, small catalogue illustrating 40 tsuba, in Czech language.GBP15

ROBINSON, Arms & Armour of Old Japan 1951. 5.5"x8.5" paper covers, 18pp plus 26 plates, an introduction to Jap. swords.GBP7

ROBINSON. The Armour Book In Honcho Gunkiko by Arai Hakuseki. 1964 first edition, 7.5"x10", 132pp with 38 plates and 44 text illustrations, contains much information on early armours GBP90

ROBINSON. The Arts of the Japanese Sword. 1961 first edition, 6.25"x102, 110pp plus 100 full page plates (4 in colour), This book explains the various schools of sword and sword fittings makers. Fair condition.GBP50

ROBINSON.The Arts of the Japanese Sword. 1961 first ed., explains the various schools of sword and sword fittings makers. A well used copy. GBP35

ROBINSON. A Primer of Japanese Sword Blades 1974 reprint 6"x8.5" card covers, 94pp,giving lists of schools and their characteristics together with a list of smiths.GBP35

SATO. Nihonto  Koza Volume 6  (Kodogu part 1)  transliteration  by Harry Afu Watson, 8.5" x11", 522pp. This  volume covers  mainly the tsuba-ko with  a section on  Goto and illustrates 327 tsuba. The text is by Ogura Soemon and Kuwabara Yojiro.SOLD

SOTHEBY'S Roy G.Cole Collection of Japanese Sword Fittings Catalogue  13.12.90, 8.5"x10.5" stiff paper covers, 67pp, illustrates  in colour 45 fine tsuba,  44 kozuka, 56 fuchi-kashira, 25 mostly gold menuki and 2 complete sets  of fittings from the Mosle Cololection, with a list of prices realized. GBP25 

SOTHEBY'S Sale Catalogue of  the Monzino Collection of  Sword  Fittings  & Swords. 18.6.1996, 8.5"x11",  decorated boards, 122pp  illustrating 263 tsuba, 42 swords & 174 small fittings, mostly  kozuka, nearly half  the  illustrations are in colour.GBP60

SOTHEBY'S Sale Catalogue  of  the  Festing & Backhoff Sale 1st April 1993. 8.25"x10.5" soft  covers. 60pp  illustrating 35  blades, 5 tsuba and 24 koshirae.GBP25

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOKENKAI. Arms & Armour of Ancient Japan 1964. 8.5"x11" spiral bound paper covers, 66pp, illustrates swords and tsuba from the 1964 exhibition.GBP40

Spectacular Helmets of Japan  The Japan Society. Catalogue of the Exhibition of 19856. 9"x12", 193pp showing 75 helmets (37 in colour with 1 armour) of the highly decorative type known as 'Kawari Kabuto' which became fashionable in the later 16th century. There is a 20pp introduction, the book is light on technical details.GBP70

STRÖHL. Japanisches  Wappenbuch  Nihon  Moncho Vienna 1906, 7"x9.5", high  quality  modern  binding with  decorative cloth  over  wooden boards, 250pp with  marbled edges, 8 colour plates and over 550  illustrations of mon and their variants with details of the families that  used  them, their fiefs  etc, together with their peerages post 1868. German text, probably the best work on mon.GBP350

TOBAN SHINPIN ZUKAN  translated by H.L.Joly, a photocopy of  the Société  Franco-Japonaise de Paris 1912 publication of Joly’s copy of  the 18th century manuscript in the Nordenskiöld  Library.196pp spiral  binding with  a  perspex front cover, the  back cover lacking. There is a 13pp  introduction  & index in French plus a 24pp intro by the unknown author and H.L.Joly, plus 171pp illustrating 313 tsuba by drawings. English & French  text.GBP100

TOKEN BIJUTSU English Edition   #461991              GBP16

VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM. A Picture Book of Japanese Sword  Guards,  1927, 5”x7.5” detached  and damaged paper covers, 22pp with brief text and illustrations of 26 tsuba.GBP15

YAMAGAMI. Japan's Ancient Armour Tourist Library 1940. 5.25"x7.75" paper covers, 82pp including 28 full page plates and other illustrations. An introduction to armour.GBP35

YUMOTO. The Samurai Sword. 1981 reprint, better quality illustrations than in the current edition.GBP11

Token Taikai San Francisco 76      loose pages.GBP10

TURNBULL. The Book of the Samurai   GBP12

JENYNS. Japanese Porcelain 1st edition 1965GBP60

MIYAKE. Kabuki Drama 1938 Tourist Library. 5.25"x7.5" paper covers, 102pp with illustrations, an introduction to kabuki.GBP12

Bushido vol.1 no.1GBP8