A convex Katchu-shi tsuba formed as an awabi shell, the holes with silver rims that may be later, the iron is of superb
quality and colour.16th century. Height 7.8cm. 

GBP300                  #1762

A good Kinai dragon tsuba for a wakizashi, signed Echizen Kinai saku, the signature is partially obscured but the tsuba
could be the work of the 5th or 7th generation Kinai, 19th century. Height 7.1cm.

GBP350         #1756

A fine large tsuba depicting tree stumps in a stream beneath a cloud covered moon, details in two colour gold, silver & shakudo, signed Unpo and kao, 19th century. Height  8.2cm

GBP425       #1001

A good and large brass inlaid tsuba with a classic Onin design, however the Onin workers used a thinner plate than this and
the inlay is a mixture of cast Onin inlay and the cut brass used by the Heianjo school. This is a scarce hybrid tsuba combining
the characteristics of both schools. On the identical reverse two bars of one mon and a small floret are missing, these could
easily be replaced restoring a fine tsuba. Muromachi period 16th century. Height 8cm.                                                    
GBP300   #1800
An Owari tsuba with the classic design of Temple bells, Myoga and stylized clouds, 16th century. Height 7.7cm, thickness
at rim 6.5mm, thickness at centre 5mm.

GBP650REDUCED TO   GBP500                             #1584

A good Kinai tsuba with  roof tiles design, signed Echizen ju Kinai saku, 19th century. Height 8.5cm.

GBP350          #1751

Signed Harutada, sold with a certificate from the NBTHK certifying the tsuba, 19th century.

GBP270 REDUCED TO   GBP220       #1716

A fine Choshu tsuba, the slightly dished plate carved in low relief with  horses playing by a stream, gold details. the
hitsu-ana plugged with shakudo, 19th century. Height 7.5cm.

GBP300REDUCED TO   GBP240                 #1630

Pierced tsuba with a Gempei War subject, samurai in a boat, gold and silver inlay, two of the faces are slightly rubbed so
the price is lower to reflect this. 19th century. Height 7.5cm.

GBP325REDUCED TO   GBP240             #1627

An oval iron tsuba carved as Iris leaves and a blossom, gold details, unsigned, Bushu work, 19th century. Height 71mm.

GBP300 REDUCED TO   GBP240            #1536

A fine Kyo-sukashi tsuba of the late 16th- early 17th  century,  The design is a spider's web.  Height 83mm.  A very similar
tsuba was on sale at Tokugawa Art for ¥220,000

GBP650REDUCED TO   GBP500                      #1579

An oval iron tsuba carved and pierced with two saddle trees and a riding crop, gold details, Bushu, 19th century. Height 71mm.

GBP360 REDUCED TO   GBP270                #1539

A good Choshu tsuba, the thick plate chiselled with a dragon in clouds. Signed Choshu Joryu. This artist is not
recorded in Haynes, 19th century. Height 73mm. 

GBP300REDUCED TO   GBP230                        #1557

A fine Owari tsuba with the Temple bell design, 16th century. Height 72mm.

GBP350REDUCED TO   GBP275                  #1578

A Soten tsuba chiselled, pierced and gilt with the Seven Sages in a Bamboo Grove, the faces in silver, shakudo and copper,
with the full Soten signature, this is a 19th century copy of Soten made to supply the demand for tsuba by this popular
school. In extremely fine condition. Height 74mm.

GBP650REDUCED TO   GBP500                        #1590

A good Goto Seijo school tsuba, carved in low relief with peonies and foliage with gold highlights, signed Goto Seijo
and kao,19th century. Height  76mm. This Goto branch family was founded in the 17th century and worked mostly in iron,
they broke the family rule that the Goto name should never appear on iron fittings. Height 7.6cm.  

SOLD         #1763

A Shoami tsuba with two convex/concave horizontal bars which are pierced with snowflakes or stylized clouds.  18th century. Height 81mm.

GBP300REDUCED TO   GBP250             #1614

A shibuichi tsuba inlaid with Hotei and a boy. 19th century. Height 65mm.

SOLD                 #1616

A large early Shoami tsuba pierced with gourds, much of the nunome on the reverse is missing, Early 17th century. Height 84mm.

GBP200REDUCED TO   GBP160             #1617

A shibuichi tsuba decorated with two geese, one in shakudo, with the false signature of Nara Toshinaga, 19th century.
Height 6.1cm.

GBP420REDUCED TO   GBP300              #1613

A tsuba formed as a Buddhist waterwheel, probably Kyo-sukashi with very good iron and colour. Momoyama period
16th century. Height 7cm.

SOLD                #1755

A three plate tsuba faced with copper? These are usually found in poor condition, this one is virtually mint, 19th cent.
Height 7.6cm.

GBP220        #1768

A very large tsuba with Tembo style  punches inlaid with a silvered skull and shimenawa, probably Mito work, 19th
century. Height 10.8cm.

GBP250        #1764

A scarce Ko-Hagi tsuba, the thick plate pierced with kiku and foliage and with the faint purplish colour that denoted good
iron. There is no connection with any of the Choshu schools. Momoyama period, 16th century. For a very similar tsuba
and further information see Nihonto Koza - Kodogu volume (Watson Translation, see image) pages 57-58. Height 7.9cm.

SOLD          #1756

Tembo tsuba. Accompanied by an NTK certificate dated Heisei 21 certifying the tsuba.

GBP220       REDUCED TO   GBP160            #1720

Tsuba up to GBP200          
All iron unless stated otherwise
Tsuba over GBP200

A large Heianjo tsuba with a cushioned plate with brass and copper inlay, there are some losses of  tendrils.  16th cent. 8.8cm.


GBP180  #1765

The inlay slightly worn on the reverse.

GBP120REDUCED TO   GBP100      #1712

A fine 3rd generation Higo Jingo school iron tsuba, pierced with a fishing net motif and two cherry blossoms, signed Yatsushiro Sandai-me Jingo saku. Jingo 3rd was born in  1691 and died in 1777. Height 7.2cm.

HOLD                      #1776

A fine, large and rare yamagane Tachi-kanagushi tsuba of 4 plates, the two central plates rivetted together, the broad 2 plate rim covering  the rivets. Decorated overall with stamped hexagon & diamond shapes and with 4 gilt (worn) half florets, the central area with nanako, the later hitsu-ana plugged with lead nanako. It is difficult to research these rare tsuba, the book “Tsuba no Bi” suggests they were used on Parade tachi in the Muromachi period, the late John Harding thought they were much earlier; there is a smaller one (a juyo tosogu? ) illustrated in “Toso Kodogu Koza” volume1 page 28. Muromachi period or earlier. Height 8.9cm.


A fine large Tachi-kanagushi tsuba decorated overall with a tiny stamped kiku pattern (San Diego type), the hitsu-ana are original as the kiku stamps can be seen to go around the openings, 16th century, Height 9cm.


A fine large octagonal Higo tsuba with kiri leaves in gold and silver nunome-zogan, the iron with a good colour, 19th century.
Height 8.4cm.

GBP700  REDUCED TO   GBP600                      #1760