BOOKS WITH JAPANESE TEXT  All books are new copies and in hard covers unless otherwise stated

'Out of print' does not necessarily mean out of stock

MINO TOKO MEIKAN by Sugiura, 8.5"x12" paper covers with d/w, 2008, 362pp  listing 860 of  the better Mino smiths from the Nambokucho to the end of the Edo period. There are 475 nakago  illustrated, many showing  both sides plus a few yari. This is a valuable reference work as Mino blades are commonly encountered.   O/S

HIZEN-TO BIBOROKU [Hizen Sword Notebook] by Yokoyama, 2006.  9x12" slip case, 547pp  of which 184pp are oshigata of nakago and signatures,Covers all the Hizen Tadayoshi smiths and their major pupils in detail by a Hizen expert.       GBP300

HANAYAKA NA NIHONTO - BIZEN ICHIMONJI - Sano Museum Catalogue 8.75"x11.75" cloth bound with  a slip case, 85pp illustrating 52 Ichimonji blades  by  photographic plates and  mostly with  oshigata as well, 18 koshirae are  also shown  in colour. There is a  brief 2pp English index.     O/P but a few left                     GBP75

KANZAN SHINTO OSHIGATA DICTIONARY by Sato Kanzan, 9"x11.5" card covers. 401pp of oshigata showing the nakago, monouchi & kissaki of 729 shinto & shin-shinto blades from over 400 smiths plus 101pp in English comprising of an introduction, 68pp index in romaji & kanji (68pp), alphabetical English index (3pp) & glossary etc. The oshigata were made by Dr Sato and are taken from Kanzan Oshigata Shinto Jiten. The smiths illustrated are in general the less famous ones that are more likely to be encountered in the west making this a very useful book.                                          O/S

ZUKAN TOMEI SORAN by Iida. 7.5"x10.5"  slip case, 491pp showing 2200  oshigata of the signatures of over 1000 smiths; some oshigata are cut down to the characters only and each is shown with province & period plus  an index. A useful book.      GBP140

TANTO NO BI: The Beauty of Tanto. Sano  Museum Catalogue  2009. 8.75"x11.75" hard bound  with  brocade pattern cloth, slip case, Japanese  text, 162pp  illustrating 58  mostly  koto tanto blades by photographic plates, some with  oshigata or koshirae plus 6 colour plates of early koshirae. Many of the blades do not appear in other books.There is a 24pp explanation  of blade types and koshirae and a 2pp brief index to  the plates in English.   GBP45

GENDAI  NIHONTO  NO SEIKA (Catalogue of the 1993 Shinsaku-to Exhibition). 14.25"x10.25" soft covers, 59pp illustrating 28 fine modern blades by photographs, the work 26 of the best modern swordsmiths including Sumitani Masamine and Amata Akitsugu, together with 34pp photocopied pages in English containing the biographies of each smith.  GBP18

YUMEI KOTO TAIKAN by Iimura. 8.5"x11.5"  slip case, 840pp with oshigata and photographic plates  on 696pp illustrating about 1000 koto blades from well over 400 smiths with explanation; s                       O/S      

NIHON NO BIJUTSU #431 Swords From the Fujisawa Collection, by Hiroi, 9" x7.5" paper covers, 106pp  of which  are plates illustrating blades and mountings donated to the NBTHK by Fujisawa Otoyasu.         GBP25

SHIN NIHONTO NO KANTEI NYUMON by Iida. Complete translation by Harry Afu Watson on CD. An essential aid to working with the Japanese text book,  Not returnable.         GBP10

GYO-KEN (August Swords) by Ogasawara. 8.75"x11.5" slip case, 135pp  including 23  colour and 52  black & white full page plates illustrating 50 Imperial swords (both blades & mountings) from the Nara period to the Meiji, with partial drawings of the hamon of each sword. The blade plates are rather dark. English index.              GBP125

NIHON NO BIJUTSU #332 (Sword Mountings) by Ogasawara, paper covers, mostly illustrations, of which 17pp  are in colour, covers sword mountings  from the Nara to Edo periods, but mainly koto.       GBP25

SENGOKU BUSHO NO YOSOI  Sano Museum Exhibition Catalogue, 2006, 7.75"x11.75" paper covers, 119pp mostly colour plates. Illustrates small fittings by the first 3 Goto masters on 41pp the images magnified, 31 (mostly) kawari kabuto and 5 armours on 41pp plus 5 blades, koshirae and menpo, all the items illustrated belonged to famous 16th century Daimyo, English text to the plates.    GBP37

DAI  TOKEN ICHI 2003 7"x10" paper covers. Catalogue of the sword show held in Tokyo, 141pp illustrating 100 blades, 28 tsuba, 52 kogai & kozuka including many futokoromono sets, sword mountings, 6 guns and 6 armours that were the best pieces offered by the dealers exhibiting. All illustrations are in colour except blades.        GBP38

EDO NO TOKEN KOSHIRAE by Ide. 8"x6.5",99pp of which 78pp are colour plates illustrating fine sword mountings of the Edo period plus 13 kabuto.                 GBP45

EDO NO TANTO KOSHIRAE by Ide. 8"x6.5", 99pp of which 69pp are colour plates illustrating 127 fine aikuchi and tanto mountings of the Edo period.                 GBP45

TREASURES OF THE TOKUGAWA ART MUSEUM  (Vol.3  Swords & Fittings). 8.5"x 10.25"  decorated  boards, 214pp  of  which 
150 are plates, 61 in colour, illustrating 100 blades, 8 daisho and 16 other mountings together with 41 Goto mitokoromono and 31 tsuba which were handed down in the tokugawa family.Whilst details of the jihada are fine the hamon are unclear.9pp English index.    GBP65

NIHON NO KATCHU (Catalogue of the Armour Exhibition held in Kyoto National Museum in 1987). 7"x10" soft covers. 200pp, almost all plates, 24 in colour illustrating 174 items mostly armours but including helmets, jinbaori and other pieces. English index.         O/P GBP30  
KATCHU (Armour) by Yamagami & Yamagishi. 4"x 6" paper covers, 152pp of which 96 are plates (half in colour) illustrating armour and helmets from the Heian to the Momoyama period.                   GBP9

SHIN KATCHU-SHI MEIKAN (Armourers' Signature Book) by Sasama. 6"x8.5" flexible binding, 381pp. A list of armour  makers with illustrations of signatures, helmets, armours and tsuba by armour makers mostly from the Edo period. Revised from the 1975 edition with more illustrations, some of which  are rather dark. No index but with English readings for the armourers names.         GBP60

DAIMYO-KE NO KATCHU Armours of  the Daimyo Families, 2007. 7.5"x10"  paper  covers, 174pp all  colour showing  armours  of various Daimyo families such as Ii, Sanada, Kuroda, Todo & Matsudaira. This book mostly illustrates armours  not previously seen and is printed on much better stock than Gakken usually uses.                 GBP35

NIHON NO KATCHU BUGU JITEN by Sasama. 8"x10.5"  slip case. 519pp with photos and drawings on every page. This book covers  everything connected with armour in the finest detail; it is one of the best book currently available on the subject. Originally  in 3 volumes and is slightly abridged from that edition.                 Temp O/S

ZUSETSU SENGOKU BUSHO 118  -  Daimyo of the Sengoku Period, 7.25"x10.25" paper covers, 190pp all colour plates showing the portraits, standards, banners, various mon and other details of 118 16th century daimyo, together with personal items like armour, helmets etc.The names and dates of the daimyo in English.     GBP30

ZUSETSU  SENGOKU KATCHU SHU  Sengoku Period Armour,. 7.25"x10.25" paper cover, 182pp all colour plates illustrating 50 of the personal armours and 20 kabuto of  the Sengoku (later 16th  century) period  daimyo  and their  accoutrements  including banners, jinbaori etc. plus  many other  helmets and  armours. Little English text.             GBP33

ZUSETSU  SENGOKU KATCHU SHU II Sengoku Period Armour,. 7.25"x10.25" paper cover, 174pp all colour plates illustrating 32 of the personal armours of daimyo and  77 kabuto on 45pp mostly of  the Sengoku (later 16th  century) period but some earlier, plus their accoutrements  including banners, jinbaori etc. plus  many other  helmets and  armours. No English text.    GBP33

TSUBA NO DESIGN by Shibata. 6"x8.5", 208pp illustrates 180 tsuba (8 in colour),many showing both sides and grouped according to 
design, covers tsuba-ko and kinko about equally, together with sections on tsuba making & prices. O/P  1 copy left.         GBP37

WORKS OF HIRATA & SHIMIZU by Ito, 8.5"x12" slip case, 367pp of which 287pp are plates illustrating 318 Higo sword fittings, mostly tsuba and in colour, covering two generations of Hirata Hikozo, five generations of Shimizu Jingo plus coverage of works by Chisokutei and Mizumi Koji, the tsuba shows both sides and includes many unknown pieces. English text to the plates.      O/S  GBP440

NISHIGAKI KANSHIRO by Ito, 8.5"x12", 2005, slip case, 46pp of text plus 210pp of plates (105 in colour) illustrating 285 pieces made by the first three generations of the Nishigaki family, about a two-thirds are tsuba, all showing both sides, the rest are fuchi-kashira. Many of the tsuba have not previously been illustrated. particularly the soft metal tsuba. A few of the fourth generation are shown.Brief English index to the plates This is a very useful book as it enables collectors to identify items that previously would not have been thought to be Nishigaki school work.                  GBP270

TSUBA KODOGU KANTEI JITEN (Judgement of Tsuba & Fittings) by Wakayama  &  Iida. 6"x8.5", 246pp  almost  all illustrations  covering  all  the  major schools and  explains  how to judge  them. Pages 204-242 are in the form of a pictorial quiz with  the  answers  starting  on  page 243. This  is  a  revised  edition  of  the same authors 1971 publication  ‘Tsuba Kodogu Kantei Nyumon’.   GBP42

TSUBA NO BI (Beautiful Tsuba) by Kashima & others. 6"x8.5" soft covers. 246pp almost all plates (4 in colour) illustrating 313 tsuba full size  and 54 small size. Covers tsuba-ko with very little kinko.        GBP36

KONOIKE-KE HIZO TOKUBETSU TEN SOKEN KINKO GOTO-KE NO MEISAKU O ATSUMETE (Catalogue of the Konoike Collection of Goto sword fittings). 8.25"x 11.5".  paper covers,  37pp all colour  plates  illustrating 20 mitokoro-mono, 29 pairs of  menuki and 1 kozuka, all with Edo period origami. There is a brief English text to the plates.                 GBP30

TOSOGU MACHIBORI  MEIHIN SHUSEI by Fukushi  Shigeo, 10.5 "x15", cloth covered slipcase, 2005, 427pp of which 248pp are colour plates including  ten full length  fold-out  plates of fine koshirae, this is  the companion volume to the author's earlier book on the Goto family and covers the machi-bori (street carvers) kinko schools.The remainder of  the book gives genealogies, signatures and other information on the various schools. The book  does  not cover  the tsuba-ko. All the pieces shown  are the best work of  the artists and are from  the Tokyo National Museum  collection and  are illustrated in  fine detail. There is  English text to the plates and a 10pp  English index. This is a fabulous book which is hard to find in the west.                  GBP300

BAKUMATSU MEIJI NO CHOZETSU GIKO Excellent Techniques of  Metal Crafts, the  Late Edo and Meiji  Period. 2010/11  Sano Museum  Exhibition Catalogue. 8.5"x11" soft covers, 162pp  including an  8pp English index. The book  is almost all colour illustrations of  superb late period metalwork from  the Sanenzaka Museum,  it covers the work of artists such  as  Kano  Natsuo, Shoami  Katsuyoshi, Wada  Isshin, Unno  Shomin  and  many others. Most  pieces  are  vases, boxes and  okimono plus a small  section on  Miochin iron insects and animals. There are 18  tsuba and 36 kozuka illustrated.     GBP30

KUROKAWA  INSTITUTE OF ANCIENT CULTURES  COLLECTION - JAPANESE SWORD GUARDS 10.5"x 14.5" slip case, 251pp. Illustrates  33 tsuba in colour and 262 in black & white, many showing both sides, plus pages from a design book for Higo tsuba. The emphasis is on tsuba-ko with 117 tsuba from Higo, there are few kinko pieces shown; with an English introduction by Kashima and a 21pp English index  for the b&w illustrations  only. Limited edition of 300 copies.      GBP280

KINKO TSUBA MEIHIN-SHU   9"x11.5" paper covers, Rokusho #28, 2005, 96pp of which 85pp are colour plates illustrating 19th century kinko tsuba from the Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum, the tsuba are shown magnified to 4-5" and sometimes to full page. The plates are superb and show great detail, the artists names are in English.             GBP36

TSUBA TOSO KINKO Rokusho #34, Rokusho #34, 2007,  9"x11.5" paper covers, 83pp almost all of which are colour plates illus-trating 19th century kinko small  fittings with some tsuba from the Kiyomizu Sannenzaka  Museum, many of the pieces are shown  magnified. The plates are superb and show great detail, there is a detailed English description for each plate. This is a companion volume to #54 on the Japanese page.                 GBP45 

KUROGANE  NO HANA - HIGO TSUBA-SHU by Miki, 8.5"x12" slip case, 176pp illustrating 206 Higo tsuba, some showing both sides. This book covers the Hayashi,  Kamiyoshi, Nishigaki, Shimizu and Tsuboi schools, there is particularly valuable coverage of the last group showing 58 tsuba that are copies of those by other Higo schools. The illustrations are rather pale but show good detail. There are  tsuba that do not appear in other books.        Out of Print but a few left         GBP110

DRAWINGS WITH TAGANE CHISELS  8.25"x11.75". 1997, paper covers, 96pp almost all colour plates illustrating 25 tsuba, 26 kozuka, 12 menuki, 17 futatokoromono & mitokoromono, Most are shown both sides, there are also fuchi-kashira, pages from a design book and related metalwork and paintings. Catalogue of an Osaka exhibition. Introduction in English only. O/P, a few left  GBP33