IKKIN 4   £910
A fine kozuka of shibuichi with an ishime ground, inlaid in iroe takazogan with 'husband & wife rocks' connected with a shimenawa, the case of silver. Signed Funada Ikkin Yoshinaga and kao. Ikkin was a pupil of Goto Ichijo and is a highly regarded artist. (Bonhams lot 4 GBP910).

Nagatsune  11  £540

A nice shakudo nanako kozuka carved and inlaid with the moon, pine trees on a hill,gilt f
A nice shakudo nanako kozuka carved and inlaid with the moon and pine trees on a hill. gilt framith the
signed Nagatsune. (Bonhams lot 11 GBP540).

Masaschika  19  £390
A shibuichi fuchi-kashira with an ishime ground inlaid with a stag in shibuichi, a bat and reishi fungus in shakudo and gold takazogan. Signed Tsuchiya Masachika and kao. Masachika was the 6th Tsuchiya Yasuchika and is a good artist. (Bonhams lot 19 GBP390).

Okinari  35  £540
A shibuichi kozuka carved and inlaid with a tiger in copper and gold and a cub in a tree during a rain shower. Signed Horie Okinari and kao 'at the age of 72'. (Bonhams lot 35 GBP540).

Nagatsune FK 12  £1040
A pair of shibuichi fuchi-kashira inlaid in iroe takazogan with two sages, one standing and one seated with a fishing rod and creel. Signed Nagatsune and kao. (Bonhams lot 12 GBP1040).

Nagatsune tsuba 9 £715
An oval shibuichi tsuba inlaid in iroe takazogan with a cormorant fisher with a flaming torch beneath a clouded moon, the reverse inlaid in copper with his boat. Signed Echizen Daijo Nagatsune and kao. Height 2.5". (Bonhams lot 9 GBP715).

3 tsuba  30 £1040

Some of  the items below came from part 3 of the Edward G. Wrangham Collection sold in May 2012 at Bonham's in London, they are offered at considerately less the price they made then.

Fuchi-kashira depicting two Chinese generals in shakudo and gilt high relief. Hamano school. 19th century.

GBP700        #1565

A pair of shakudo fuchi-kashira  depicting a gilt dragon headed fish (shachi) in waves.

GBP350   #1799

A shibuichi kozuka carved in katakiri with a group of horses playing, signed Suzuki Ichirin and kao. This artist worked in Edo and is listed in the Soken Kisho (1781) and was therefore working prior to this date.

GBP350        #1607

A shakudo nanako kozuka depicting terrapins by a stream in gilt takazogan. 19th century.

GBP350       #1603

A shibuichi kozuka carved overall in kebori with horses, with the signature 'Soyo', 19th century

GBP300        #1608

A shibuichi kozuka carved in shishiaibori with a single neighing horse, the eye gilt, with the signature 'Shozui', 19th century.

GBP320       #1604

     Items for sale                                 

Contact me for a fuller description and images of pieces. All fittings are unsigned unless stated otherwise.  Items may be returned for a full refund (less postage & insurance) within 14 days (UK), 21 days elsewhere

   Small Fittings
A fine tanto, the blade hira-zukuri with  itame/mokume-hada with ji-nie, hitatsura hamon in nie-deki with sunagashi and kinsuji, suiken & bohi horimono, ubu nakago signed Jakushu ju Fuyuhiro saku -  hachi gatsu kichi hi. Length 9.53". This has the appearance of a later Soshu blade. Late Muromachi to the Momoyama period 16th century.

The koshirae with silver mounts chiselled with waves, silver menuki, associated silver kozuka, the fuchi and koi-guchi extended to simulate a tsuba, nashiji saya with gilt lacquer kirimon. With an NBTHK Hozon Token paper for the blade.

GBP5800           #1591
A  fine Goto school shakudo  nanako kozuka by Tokujo, the 5th  main line master (1550-1631), depicting a  Ho-o  bird beneath  a  flowering  cherry tree, inlaid  in  gold, silver and  shakudo. Signed  Mon Tokujo - Mitsutaka  and  kao, the decoration being  by Tokujo but  has been  restored with  a  new case, probably  by Goto Mitsutaka (Enjo 1721-84) the 13th  master who made the attribution on the side, both the condition and colour are very good. Enjo made  many attrib-utions and he is considered a reliable judge of his predecessors works       GBP950