BOOKS WITH ENGLISH TEXT    All books are new copies and in hard covers unless otherwise stated

IMPORTANT   SWORDS   FROM   THE  MUSEUM   OF  JAPANESE   SWORD   FITTINGS.  Part 2. Christie's Sale Catalogue, New York 29th  March 2005. 8.5"x10.5", 103pp  stiff paper covers, illustrates 49 fine mostly koto blades including  Ichimonji, Yukihira, Kunihiro, Okimasa, Yasutsugu and many other blades of  the Kamakura and Nambokucho  periods (the koshirae are shown  in colour) from  a collection originally formed by Mr Aoyama Kokichi after the war.A  further 6 koshirae are illustrated, with a list of prices. GBP15

SHINTO BENGI OSHIGATA reprinted by Hawley. 8.5" x11", 163pp. Paper covers. All illustrations. A reprint of a wood-block book published in 1779, all oshigata. Many of the lesser known smiths from about 1550-1779. GBP35

JAPANESE SWORDS by Ogasawara. 4"x6" paper  covers, 128pp.Illustrations of blades,fittings and sword mount ings on every page, mostly in colour.       GBP12

ENGLISH INDEX TO KANZAN TOKEN KOZA  8"x 11" spiral bound card covers. 55pp index to the smiths covered in #14 on this list, smiths are indexed to both the illustrations and information, an invaluable aid.GBP12

THE HARTMAN  COLLECTION  OF JAPANESE METALWORK Christie's 1976 sale catalogue. 9.5" x12" hard covers, 163pp all plates about half in colour illustrating 402 tsuba, 101 kozuka, 49 fuchi-kashira, 14 swords and much other metalwork, together with an index, glossary and a list of prices  realised.  GBP60

THE 100 KOZUKA - KOZUKA HYAKKU-SEN (The Claude Thuault Collection).6"x8.5", 267pp illustrating 100 kozuka,  52 in colour showing the obverse and reverse with expanded details in many cases. Full English and Japanese text with an introduction by Ogasawara Nobuo, a glossary and a 20pp question & answer section about the collection.  GBP60

JAPANESE SWORDS IN DUTCH COLLECTIONS by Han Bing Siong, 8.25"x12", 212pp illustrating 85 sword tangs, about half also showing oshigata of the blades plus 23pp of b&w plates of blades and  mountings and an 8pp glossary.  There is much  information and each item has been carefully researched. Unfortunately there are no kanji in the text.          O/S

CHARBONNIER. Armures Japonaises dans la Collection Jean Saporta. Torii Links, cloth covers, 8.5"x 11.75", 176pp all colour, French and English text, artists’ signatures in kanji. Illustrates kabuto, armours etc, the collection of Jean Saporta is one of the most famous private collections in the West.  While some pieces in this collection have been illustrated before,this is the first exclusive publication of the collection.             GBP60

BURAWOY. Armures du Japon II, Torii Links, cloth covers, 8.5"x11.75", 144pp all in colour, illustrates 100 pieces selected from the important collection in the Stibbert Museum in Florence, French, English & Japanese text, artists’ signatures in kanji. Illustrates mainly kabuto from the Miochin, Saotome, Haruta, Iwai and other schools plus a few armours and accoutrements. French & English glossary that includes kanji. GBP60

BURAWOY. Armures du Japon 100 pièces sélectionnées dans la Collection Kozu, Torii Links, cloth covers, 8.75"x 14.75", 128pp of which 112 are in colour illustrating 100 pieces, French and English text, artists’ signatures in kanji. The Kozu Foundation armour collection is regarded as one of the most important in Japan, 5 of the armours are classified as Juyo Bunkazai.There is a useful French glossary that includes kanji for each term explained.           GBP77


Shibuichi tsuba depicting peasants running from a thunderstorm, Hamano school, 19th century.


An oval shibuichi tsuba inlaid in iroe takazogan with a cormorant fisher with a flaming torch beneath a clouded moon, the reverse inlaid in copper with his boat. Signed Echizen Daijo Nagatsune and kao. Height 2.5". (Bonhams 15.5.2012 Wrangham Collection sale lot 9, GBP715 including premium).


Signed Harutada

GBP270 #1716

Large tsuba depicting dried fish, seal signed 'Ju'.

GBP285   HOLD#1724

An Owari tsuba with the classic design of Temple bells, Myoga and stylized clouds, 16th century. Height 77mm, thickness at rim 6.5mm, thickness at centre 5mm. 

GBP650                   #1584

A good early Akasaka tsuba carved with swallow like birds beneath a clouded Moon, First or second generation Akasaka school. The tsuba has some linear tekkotsu. Early 17th century. Height 72mm.

GBP650            #1637

Carved in relief with a dragon above waves, gilt details, gold nunome rim, signed Bushu ju Maruyama Tosei or Fujikio, there are various ways to read this, does not appear to be in Haynes, 19th century. Height 72mm.

GBP300         #1624

A fine Choshu tsuba, the slightly dished plate carved in low relief with  horses playing by a stream, gold details. the hitsu-ana plugged with shakudo, 19th century. Height 75mm.

GBP300         #1630

Pierced tsuba with a Gempei War subject, samurai in a boat, gold and silver inlay, two of the faces are slightly worn so 
the price is low to reflect this, 19th century. Height 75mm.

GBP325   #1627

An oval iron tsuba carved as Iris leaves and a blossom, gold details, unsigned, Bushu work, 19th century. Height 71mm.

GBP300        #1536

A fine Kyo-sukashi tsuba of the late 16th- early 17th  century,  The design is a spider's web.  Height 83mm.  A very similar tsuba is on sale at Tokugawa Art for ¥220,000 

GBP650               #1579
An oval iron tsuba carved and pierced with two saddle trees and a riding crop, gold details, Bushu, 19th century. Height 71mm.

GBP360        #1539

A good Choshu tsuba, the thick plate chiselled with a dragon in clouds. Signed Choshu Joryu. This artist is not recorded in Haynes, 19th century. Height 73mm.  

GBP300              #1557

A fine Owari tsuba with the Temple bell design, 16th century. Height 72mm.

GBP350         #1578

.A Soten tsuba chiselled, pierced and gilt with the Seven Sages in a Bamboo Grove, the faces in silver, shakudo and copper, with the full Soten signature, this is a 19th century copy of Soten made to supply the demand for tsuba by this popular school. In extremely fine condition. Height 74mm.

GBP650               #1590

A good Kinai Dragon tsuba, slightly mokko-gata with finely carved scales, signed on the reverse Echizen ju  Kinai
saku, 19th century. Height  71mm. From  the 'iri' Kinai signature and the way 'saku' is cut this would seem to be the
work  of  the  highly  regarded  7th  generation.  A  very  similar daisho  pair of  Kinai  dragon tsuba  are  for sale in 
Shibata's 'Nihonto Genson no Yuhin'  #68 at  ¥500,000.
GBP750               #1587

A Shoami tsuba with two convex/concave horizontal bars which are pierced with snowflakes or stylized clouds.  18th century. Height 81mm.

GBP300   #1614

A shibuichi tsuba inlaid with Hotei and a boy. 19th century. Height 65mm.

GBP220   #1616

A large early Shoami tsuba pierced with gourds, much of the nunome on the reverse is missing, Early 17th century. Height 84mm.

GBP200   #1617

A shibuichi tsuba decorated with two geese, one in shakudo, with the false signature of Nara Toshinaga, 19th century. Height 61mm.

GBP420   #1613

Tsuba up to GBP200
All iron unless stated otherwise
Tsuba over GBP200

Signed Nagaharu, silver plating worn


Inlay worn on the reverse, Hizen Province.

GBP140 #1715

Tembo tsuba  with certificate

GBP180 #1720

Ito sukashi

GBP300Illustrated In Behrens  Catalogue ##1723


Signed Tou